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Getting the Edina City Council members up to speed about Edina Citizen Engagement

I’ve been getting to know members of the Edina City Council recently, talking with them by phone and meeting with some of them. My main goal is to update them about what Edina City Manager Scott Neal and I have in mind for Edina Citizen Engagement and getting their ideas for what we might do this fall and how to involve them.

Edina Council Member Mary Brindle and Griff Wigley Griff Wigley and Edina Mayor Jim Hovland Edina City Council work session

Late last month I met with Council member Mary Brindle, Mayor Jim Hovland, and Council Member Joni Bennett.  I also had a chance to chat with Council members Josh Sprague and Ann Swenson at a recent Council work session. See the Edina Council bios page for more about them.

Live chat with Edina City Manager Scott Neal

Griff Wigley with Edina City Manager Scott NealYesterday I moderated a one-hour live chat with Edina City Manager Scott Neal about all things related to the economic development of Southdale Center, part of our Edina Citizen Engagement project.

I used CoverItLive to host the chat and it worked well. The only glitch was that I couldn’t get a photo of Scott to appear with his comments.

We had 21 different people attend over the course of the hour, with up to a dozen at any one time.  Seven people submitted questions and comments.

This was our first online event. I blogged the rationale for it here.  Scott blogged about it here.

Two more issue blogsites added to Edina Citizen Engagement

In addition to the Southdale Center Economic Development project, Edina Citizen Engagement has two additional blogsites. One is focused on the Edina 2012 Budget and the other on the development of the Edina Grandview District.

Grandview Steering Committee meeting 06/16/11 Griff Wigley at the Grandview Steering Committee meeting 06/16/11

I spoke to the Grandview District Steering Committee last week about how the site could be used for citizen engagement.

Southdale Center’s economic development will be Edina’s first citizen engagement project

Edina City Hall Edina City Hall Griff Wigley with Edina City Manager Scott Neal

I stopped by Edina City Hall last week to meet with Edina City Manager Scott Neal about the Edina Citizen Engagement project.

The first citizen engagement project will be focused on Southdale Center’s economic development.

Simon-Property-GroupSimon Property Group, Inc., owner of Southdale Center, has requested economic development assistance for the mall from the City of Edina, so the project aims to:

  • Provide information to the public about the issue
  • Provide a variety of ways for Edina citizens to engage with city staff, city council members, community leaders, and each other about the issue

Edina Citizen Engagement - Southdale Center Economic Development

The blogsite for Southdale Center Economic Development  is now up. Follow the updates via its RSS feed, the Edina Citizen Engagement enewsletter, and Twitter.

Citizen engagement project, City of Edina, Minnesota

Edina Citizen EngagementI’m going to be working with the City of Edina, Minnesota on a project called Edina Citizen Engagement. The city is seeking to engage its citizens with a variety of online tools that help decision makers to address specific, near-term issues.

Edina City Manager and blogger Scott Neal is leading the effort.

The tools will vary, depending on what kind of decision needs to be made. These online tools will complement face-to-face meetings in ways that continually build civic and social capital.   It’s my belief that the better Edina’s citizens and leaders get at citizen engagement, the greater the sense of community.

You can follow the Edina Citizen Engagement project via the blog’s RSS feed, the Edina Citizen Engagement enewsletter, and Twitter.